Supply and Demand Compressed Air Studies

Compressed air is a costly utility, often with just 10-20% of the energy used resulting in useful work.

Too much pressure drop, insufficient airflow, water in the line.  Any of these issues familiar?

Our “visual” ultrasonic leak detection, a well-planned key measurements strategy, and our understanding of good compressed air system design will help you reduce operating costs and improve system reliability.

Contact us today for your on-site compressed air assessment.  CAGI certified.


HVAC Commercial Design

Our experienced HVAC design engineers provide efficient boiler, chiller, RTU, AHU, or other HVAC equipment design and install support to deliver a system that has low operational and life cycle costs.  A recent boiler replacement is just what this client needed to reduce gas costs over 27%.

Flow Meter Services

Need to troubleshoot a liquid or gas system and don’t know where to start? Rent a flow meter or have one of our technicians assist. Our state-of-the-art flow meters will get you the results you need.

Our flow meter rentals and services are available for liquid and gas (including compressed air) measurement. Our technicians provide on-site support to get accurate and precise measurements that help you understand your facility or process and make data-driven decisions.

Infrared Diagnostic Services

Hot or cold or in between, this technology will provide you the evidence you need to troubleshoot electrical, building, or mechanical issues. Diagnose today.

Do you know where your energy is going? Is your equipment overheating? Find out instantly with infrared thermography. Our cameras are available for rent.

Recommissioning Studies and ASHRAE Energy Audits

Recommissioning and Energy Audits are necessary components to keeping a building’s utility consumption to a minimum.

With our certified building commissioning professional on staff, we strive to keep those energy bills low. We recommend performing a study every 3-5 years.

Federal Tax Deductions

One of the best kept secrets:

Section 179D:  Federal tax deductions have been made permanent.  We maximize the 179D tax credit using defendable energy analysis.


Sales and Use Tax Refund

What’s worse than paying taxes?

Paying taxes one doesn’t need to:

Our Sales and Use Tax Exemption Studies have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients.  If you don’t get a refund, we don’t get paid.

Test and Balance Services

Air and water balancing often are the root cause to comfort control issues in a building.  Perhaps the system has never been commissioned in the first place to ensure the right volume of air or water is going to the right place. Our team will test, balance or re-balance the necessary systems to optimize your building and system’s performance.

Our trained, NEBB certified air and water balancing associates will meet your measurement needs anytime. Accurate measurements every time so you can make data driven decisions.