Como Zoo Geothermal & Steam Conversion Design

Como Zoo & Conservatory has ideal geological conditions for a geothermal heating and cooling HVAC system.   We, along with Darcy solutions, performed an Xcel Energy feasibility study to determine how well Como Zoo would benefit from a geothermal heating and cooling system.

Simple paybacks periods ranged from 3-9 years.

Hybrid Heating System Design

Choose both the most efficient and cost effective design for a dual loop heating system for the client:

A) 100% of load served by condensing boiler: Mothball 3 non-condensing boilers and install three 5,000 MBH condensing boilers

B) 40% of load served by condensing boiler, 60% non-condensing:  Add two boilers, one condensing for the heat pump hot water loop and one non-condensing for the radiation hot water loop

C) 100% of load served by non-condensing boiler: replace non-condensing boiler with right-sized boiler and modulating burner, re-use existing flue

Answer: B

SES provided the design to upgrade a central heating system serving 4 buildings comprising of 300+ heat pumps, radiation, and fresh air units.

Uponor, Inc.

Uponor, Inc. is an international PEX plumbing manufacturing facility in Apple Valley. SES, Inc. integrated real-time technology to assist with Uponor’s energy strategies. SES, Inc. also performed engineering and compressed air studies to contribute to tremendous reductions in energy consumption.  The Manufacturers Alliance published a case study of the efforts.

“My experience with SES, Inc. is always excellent. The knowledge, enthusiasm, cooperation, research, assistance, follow-up and professionalism are exceptional and are very helpful and beneficial to me in my job and to our company. The ROI on any dollars spent with SES, Inc. is always excellent and money well spent.” ~Dan Hughes, Director Real Estate, Security and EHS~

Mayo Clinic Garage Exhaust Optimization

SES, Inc. performed an engineering study to optimize the exhaust of the Mayo Clinic Square garage. The optimization saved over 218,000 kWh of energy and $17,000 compared to last year.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral

SES, Inc. designed an air-source heat pump system to replace an aging and oversized direct expansion (DX) condensing unit cooling system. The system is energy efficient in the cooling months, but also shaves the fossil fuel consumption while heating in the shoulder months.

One more step in the electrification and decarbonization climate goals.

Mills Fleet Farm

We performed an engineering study for Mills Fleet Farm. The engineering study provided data needed to move ahead on sustainability programs that will better meet occupant comfort.

Engineering Study provides retail facility with solid data for Sustainable Energy Saving Programs.